Essential Home Maintenance Tasks to Take Care of This Summer

Dated: August 9 2021

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Summer is the perfect time to tackle some of those important home maintenance jobs you have been putting off all year. If the tasks are too large for you to handle, get a professional to do it for you. Here are five tasks to complete this summer.

1. Inspect and Fix Air Conditioners
Start by removing and cleaning the filters. Next, work on the condenser coils and remove all the dust and debris. Check the coolant lines and replace any frayed or missing sections. Trim back any foliage near the unit to allow for airflow around the condenser.

2. Deep Clean the Carpets
Carpets accumulate a lot of dust and debris over the winter months. Deep cleaning them in the summer will get rid of stains, pet hair, dust, and allergens. It is easy to rent professional carpet cleaning equipment from a local home improvement center.

3. Clean Windows and Blinds
The bright summer light will reveal any dirt and grime on your windows and blinds, so it is a good time to dust off your blinds and clean your windows to a sparkling shine. All you need to clean your windows is soapy water, cotton rags, and a squeegee. If your windows are very high up, hiring a professional cleaning crew is the safest and easiest way to get the job done.

4. Wood Deck Repairs
Thoroughly inspect your deck and look out for any rotting or protruding wood. Check whether the deck needs resealing by pouring water on it. Thoroughly scrub and clean your deck, clear out cracks and crevices, and file down any protruding nails and wood. As a final touch, apply a coat of sealant.

5. Recoat Your Driveway
First, check your driveway for potholes and cracks and then power-wash it to get rid of dirt and debris. Allow it to dry, then fill the cracks. Pour liquid asphalt onto your driveway and spread it evenly across the surface. Allow it to dry completely before use.

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