Four Signs It's Time to Remodel a Bathroom

Dated: March 5 2021

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A bathroom remodel is one of the most common home improvement projects, and for good reason; a bathroom remodel can be as simple or as complex as a homeowner desires, and the work is contained to a small area of the home. Here are a few signs that your bathroom could use a remodel:

Leaking: Dripping faucets or pipes caused by old fittings or worn out sealant not only waste water but may even cause water damage to your home over time. Prevent potential home maintenance issues by replacing old fixtures with sleek modern fixtures that will give your bathroom style and conserve water. Fixtures are easy to install, which makes this project a good starting point for a bathroom remodel.

Changing Needs: Lifestyle changes are another good reason for remodeling a bathroom. It's inevitable that your needs for any living space will change over time, and your bathroom is no exception to this. Perhaps you need to expand the functionality of your bathroom to accommodate the increased use brought on by additional people living in your home. Or health and mobility issues may require slip resistant floors, a wider doorway or features such as a handrail.

Water Staining: If your sink, toilet or shower has developed unsightly water stains it’s time to look into resurfacing or replacement. Modern sink, bath and toilet surfaces are much more resistant to water stains and will look new with minimal cleaning for years to come.

You’re Ready to Sell: If you’re considering listing your home, then a bathroom remodel is a great idea. Your bathroom is one of the easiest places for you to add value to your home. A comfortable, well-designed bathroom with useful features is one of the main things that homebuyers look for as they evaluate a property, so make sure to complete your remodel before you put your home on the market.

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