Landscaping Techniques to Maximize Your Outdoor Space

Dated: June 29 2021

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Many homeowners enjoy large outdoor spaces, but not everyone has a spacious yard. If you have a small front, side, or backyard, you can actually make it look bigger by using the following gardening techniques.

Create Focal Points
When you direct the eye toward the yard's entry, people are less likely to notice the small size. You can accomplish this feat by placing orange, red, and yellow colors near the entry. These warm tones garner attention, while pink, blue, and purple shades achieve the opposite effect. That's why you should plant these subdued tones on outer edges and near fences.

Use Properly Sized Plants
When it comes to interiors, experts recommend smaller furniture to make spaces look bigger. However, plants with big leaves can actually play a positive role outdoors. When planted strategically near entryways, they create visual interest and depth. However, small-leaved plants have their place as well. Since they blend in and reflect more light than larger ones, use them near borders.

Install Vertical Structures
Arbors, pergolas, and trellises support plants and provide dappled shade, but they can also anchor an outdoor space. While these structures differ in design, all of them make lovely focal points. In the case of arbors, build them big enough for people to walk through comfortably. If they lack size, they can make spaces feel smaller.

Create Separation
While open layouts generate an airy feel indoors, you need separation outdoors to create the illusion of more space. Many homeowners design outdoor dining areas that contain all the fixtures of a living space. However, it is better to have separate areas for the grill, tables, lounges, and chairs.

Understand Textures and Levels
Use different surfaces such as turf, gravel, or pavers to define outdoor areas that serve assorted functions. Don't scatter planters all over. Instead, keep them together in one part of the yard. For enhanced appeal, place them at different heights to create the illusion of more space. Even a small bench that serves as a display for favorite plants fulfills this requirement.

Implement Diagonal Shapes
In the case of a makeover, design walkways and decks by using diagonal shapes. That's because straight lines span the shortest distance from point A to point B. If space permits, allow walkways to wind or curve. Make them narrow or decrease their widths as they wind toward the back. When you use pavers in patios or walkways, lay them diagonally to create the illusion of more length. 

These tips can help make a yard look bigger while also making it look cohesive. Best of all, you won't need to make big changes or spend a lot of money.

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