Welcome Spring with These Three Home Decor Updates

Dated: April 19 2021

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Quickly transition from winter to spring by changing out these three pieces of home decor.

Replace Front Door Decoration
Three months ago, the Fraser fir wreath decorated with miniature packages looked adorable on your front door. Now the pine needles and faux berries are out of season, and if it's made of real foliage, it's dried and wilted.

Freshen up your front door with a beautiful seasonal wreath made of eucalyptus leaves or wildflowers. Baby's breath, moss, and grapevine are some other materials that add an inviting spring vibe. Add potted plants to your front porch entrance to make it more welcoming.

Change Out Pillows
Decorative pillows are an inexpensive way to update your living room or bedroom. Heavy, rich fabrics and patterns in plaids and shades of red and green are appropriate for the winter season, but lighter materials in brighter colors and patterns are perfect for spring.

Pillows with florals, birds, and farmhouse designs add a touch of whimsy. White is another great option to brighten up your home, and you can even get pillow covers with cute sayings such as "Think Spring" or "Hop to It." You don't have to get overly feminine pillows if that's not your style?there are plenty of more neutral options that are still bright and airy and reminiscent of spring.

Add Sheer Curtains
During the winter season, blackout curtains and heavy drapes add insulation around drafty windows; they can also block out midafternoon heat in the summer. But blackout curtains make rooms feel dark and block out natural sunlight in rooms that don't get direct sun. If you love your blackout curtains, go ahead and keep them, but consider putting up sheers in rooms that need more natural light, or at least change out dark-colored drapes to lighter ones.

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Welcome Spring with These Three Home Decor Updates

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